As a passionate and versatile designer, I enjoy working on a wide range of projects always with the aim to enrich the world of textiles.



Commission Weaving


I create hand woven textiles that makes couture fashion and high-end interior design stand out. The work is not only beautiful, but carries a story of process and passion for the ancient art of weaving. 
My hand woven pieces are unique creations for customers looking to add exquisite sophistication to their work. To view my extensive library of designs or discuss bespoke developments, please get in touch to arrange an appointment. 



Home Collection

I have a range of hand woven cushions and lights, these are elegant contemporary qualities that brings luxury and craftsmanship together, perfect for boutique hotels or the homes of those with a passion for artisanal textiles. The designs are viewable by appointment. Lead times starting from 4 weeks, colours and sizes can be customised, but minimums on bespoke orders apply.

Online shop coming soon... 



Freelance Design and Consultancy


My fashion and textile industry background enables me to work on design developments for a wide audience. I create woven samples on my dobby loom, designs suitable for jacquard, print and embroidery. I also offer colour and concept developments for a fresh handwriting and work with companies of any discipline worldwide. Rates and prices on request.